Choosing ladders: think twice, buy once

Like most homeowners, I found out a long time ago I can't get by with just one ladder. Especially not that rickety old aluminum stepladder I found in my garage—though I tried for awhile. You're likely going to need at least two ladders to get your basic DIY stuff done...

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1-piece toilet beats 2-piece, hands down.

Trying to choose between 1-piece toilet or the traditional 2-piece? We were, too, but after having lived with both, it's not even close: We favor the 1-piece by a wide margin. It's sleeker and more modern-looking, it's easier to clean and it's less likely to leak or...

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Are expandable garden hoses worth it? Easy.

Like lots of people, I wondered what's up with these expandable garden hoses popping up everywhere. I remember first seeing them on TV a few years ago, but never checked them out. It's probably a good thing. Like most new technologies, it had some kinks to work out,...

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Helpful Hank

Helpful Hank DIY

I've been DIYing around my house for more than 30 years. I hope you'll find these quick posts about DIY tools, products and projects informative and helpful!